Seeds Operations OpEx Champion

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Seeds Operations OpEx Champion
Seeds Operations OpEx Champion

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Syngenta Magyarország Kft.
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Syngenta is a leading agriculture company with more than 28,000 employees in over 90 countries who have major impact on the health and the wellbeing of the communities all around the world; all dedicated to one purpose “Bringing plant potential to life”. Our purpose inspires and guides our work, aligns our effort across the world, defines our contribution and helps teams achieve something that may seem impossible. Our challenge is to help our customers grow more food with fewer resources in a sustainable way, find new solutions, products and services to meet our customers’ needs. We need to be innovative, ambitious and courageous. Working for us provides plenty of opportunities to participate in a wide variety of projects, tackling important issues at the cutting edge of our industry.
By working together, we make a difference
We are looking for a
Seeds Operations OpEx Champion
Location: Mezőtúr, Hungary

Responsible for E2E Operational processes improvement, people & technical capability development. Supports overall improvement of Quality, Efficiency, Productivity, HSE, Customer Service primarily within the Hungarian Seeds Operations related areas and functions. (The role will include later expansion to some activities within Serbia, Romania and Italy). Develops, runs solid KPI structure. Drives & supports other Leaders for Operational Excellence deployment in the true E2E concept.

• Leads the embedding of the Operational Excellence culture within the given area of responsibility, leverages on capabilities by different function (Plant, Lab, Field Production, Tolling, Logistics, etc.)
• Drives projects with tangible benefits impacting Operational KPIs, supporting the Strategic agenda
• Advocates standardized work; creates, maintains instructions and standards; trains relevant employees & ensures sustainability
• Seeds Operations OpEx Network: Support Regional owner/sponsor & Regional coordinator on technical aspects of running the Network
• Actively contributes to the Continuous Improvement Network; mentors, develops Practitioners
• Strongly cooperate with both Seed Ops Functions & Practitioners to increase their capability to drive change on Quality, Efficiency, Productivity, HSE, Customer Service.
• Being familiar with the entire E2E operation including all processes and sub-processes
• Leads projects to improve effectiveness of all resources: human, machinery, input materials, energy, etc.
• Actively takes part & brings know-how into Improvement projects
• Trains employees on tools such as 5-whys, root cause analysis, others to enhance learning from any issues, Customer Complaints and Non-Conformities
• Being familiar with COGP calculation and support the Finance BP’s work
• Creates and maintains solid KPI system and continuously monitors trends, drives attention for potential issues & improvements; involves, motivates People to sustainably resolve them

• Engineering or economical degree (BSC or MSC) are preferred – agricultural diploma is an advantage
• Minimum 5 years professional experience earned in similar role at a manufacturing company
• Ability to drive OpEx implementation
• Fluent English in writing and verbally as well
• Willingness to travel abroad 3-6 times a year

• Strong knowledge of continuous improvement tools, methodology, implementation
• Good analytical skills
• Ability to think in processes
• Project management
• Impactful communication with people from all levels of the organization
• Ability to identify problems and get people involved and motivated for resolution

Location: Mezőtúr, Hungary

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    Syngenta is a leading agriculture company with more than 28,000 employees in over 90 countries who have major impact on the health and the wellbeing of the...

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