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Precision agriculture in the past has been often associated with science fiction. This is no longer the case. It is not only the present, but our future as well.
This is why we have decided to organize the PREGA, the Hungarian Conference and Exhibition on Precision Agriculture, for the 4th time and the PREGA SCIENCE Conference for the 2nd time. These events are growing bigger each year and there were over 600 participants in 2017.
In 2018, we aim to continue to grow these conferences beyond the borders of Hungary to include Central European countries. Our efforts are done in the sprit of cooperation and knowledge sharing so that agriculture can reach efficiencies and success beyond anyone’s imagination.
While we are inviting many experts from the countries surrounding Hungary, our invitation list is not exclusively to the V4 region. Consequently, the PREGA SCIENCE conference will be held entirely in English so we can include as many experts as possible to participate in a topic that affects all of our lives.
In the morning session, international keynote speakers will be presenting the results of their work, which will be followed by sessions organized for precision plant production, horticulture, livestock, and digitalization.



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