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22 November 2016.

Aqua World Resort Budapest****

An exclusive bilingual – English and Hungarian – event providing the latest insights into international market trends by leading analysts and researchers, and lending practical information
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Wheat, maize and oilseed market reports

Black sea region analysis

Profit besides the tonnes

Round table discussions and networking

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"EarlyBird" price 28, september 2016. - 25, october 2016. 29 990 HUF 40%
Pre-emption price 26, october, 2016. - 21, november, 2016. 39 990 HUF 20%
The spot price 22, november, 2016. 49 990 HUF 0%
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Program plan
9,00-9,30 Registration 12,00-13,00 Lunch Time Duna Restaurant / Aquaworld Resort ****
9,30-10,00 Opening session 13,00-13,45 Competitors right at the front door – Where are the new markets? A grain and oilseed market analysis of the Black Sea region by Sergey Feofilov, General Director, UkrAgroConsult – Ukraine
10,00-10,45 Where the EU grain market is heading for? – Maybe there be new sources of demand? A grain market analysis by Laurine Simon, Analyst, Tallage – France 13,45-14,30 Prices versus margins – What comes first? Strategic advice for farmers by Norbert Potori, Research Department, director, Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (under invitation)
10,45-11,30 Food or industrial use – What drives the demand for oilseeds? An oilseed market analysis by ISTA Mielke GmbH – Germany (under invitation) 14,30-15,45 How to profit from what we have heard? A roundtable discussion with questions & answers
11,30-11,50 Common thinking – What are the first impressions? Agricultural Markets Task Force Anikó Juhász, director, Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (under invitation) 15. 45. Summary Closing of the SmartGRAIN Conference
What we provide for conference visitors
Entering to the conference presentation and exhibition area
Exclusive coffe breaks and seated lunch in the Duna Restaurant
Welcome pack
Video record and sharing about the presentations
Realtime hungarian translation of the english presentations
Networking with hungarian and international professionals of the precision agriculture
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